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Fine Example : Why you should get on blogging

Check out this blog called realmenrealstyle.com . Take a look at it and you’ll notice that the only thing it really sells are e-book + audio that educates people  on How A Man should Style Himself . Other than that, there is an advertisement by something called The Hanger Project,  and another advertisement selling colourful socks. I assume Continue reading


Bootcamp Day 5: Offline Marketing Strategies That Don’t Suck

What can a modern-day-American-version-Richard-Branson, hippie-looking-guy, teach you about making very, very good money online?

Don’t judge this book by it’s cover, he just looks like this… but the more you get to know him, the more you discover that he has a wealth of knowledge in his brain…

The more serious he gets, the more wisdom he dishes out… This guy reads a whole lot, learns a whole lot from everywhere else, but most importantly, he does a lot, Continue reading