Welcome to my blog, TheOnlineRooster. My name is Joanne Lee JS. …  Where ‘Lee’ is my surname, and JS are the initials for my Chinese name.

TheOnlineRooster travels

Pic of me in the Dalai Lama’s Summer Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

I’m of Chinese descendant.  My great-grand-parents fled China during the war, I’m not too sure what the year was as it is rarely spoken of in my family. I suppose it was too tragic to talk about and they’d just rather focus forward and make the best of their future.

My grandparents, my parents and I were born in Malaysia.

The OnlineRooster

My Grandmother

Born in the year of the rooster according to the Chinese zodiac / Lunar Calendar.

The OnlineRooster

My Late Grandfather

I’m highly active. Would love to do more extreme sports than I’m allowed to. I have quite a lot of interests and you will see topics on my interests poping up on my blog once in a while.

The OnlineRooster

White Water Rafting. Getting comfortable in the raft.

Some of what I love most are dogs, cats and other furry four-legged animals. I can’t possibly live without a dog, and to me somehow, a home is not complete without a furry pet.

The OnlineRooster

Olive 1 y.o.

The OnlineRooster pets

Olive & Comel playing

The OnlineRooster pets

Oprah & Oscar

The OnlineRooster pets

Baby falling asleep

The OnlineRooster pets

Chimmi riding a village boat in a mountain lake, Himalayan Mounts.

Travel and adventure always excites me.

The OnlineRooster Travels

With my buddies. Road to Namtso Lake, Tibet

Cant work for a boss. Cant work in an office. Love my independence.

I like to say “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it” …

Life should be an adventure.  Every other moment should be an ‘experience of a lifetime’ … It should be the kind of life that you want for yourself.

Because, at the end, when all around is quiet and still, you only have yourself. You only answer to yourself. And in that moment of truth, will you pat yourself on your shoulder and say “you did awesome” or will you weep with regret?

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Think about this:

The OnlineRooster video

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Really, ponder that question

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The OnlineRooster Signature

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