Dont wait till you’re retired to get into business. Mind Your Own Business now.

Dont wait till you’re retired to get into business. Mind Your Own Business now. Many people just want the easy life, so they work and work and work at a J.O.B till they’re old and it’s time to retire,.. then they realize that the money they saved up is not enough. Then only they want to do their own business…

It’s scary ! Very scary how many people do that.  NO! That’s not the way …. Get into business NOW!

Get in to business now

Business is not all smooth sailing. Nobody starts a business and goes up up up in a straight line. It’s never smooth sailing.

Business always, always has it’s ups and downs. 50% of the ‘downs’ are the type that make you feel like giving up.

There’s lots of mental skills and attitude skills that a business owner has to learn when starting off…. These are skills that you’ll never never learn as an employee… Why? because, the company needs to keep you under it’s thumb. Yes, YOU !

As they say “keep you in place”.

employee crushed under boss  thumb

If every employee learns skills as a business owner, then companies will have lack of staff… employees will leave and start off their own business. That’s bad for your employer’s  business and that’s why they will never never never allow you to own these skills. Even if you learned these skills, they will slam you for it and make you doubt yourself.

Remember the story about the lab monkeys and the bananas at the top of the cage?

Get into business now.

Start a business now. Start it part time. That’s fine, but just start your own business NOW. Because the time needed to learn lessons, to acquire the skills, to go through the ups and downs, and know the business style is gonna take time. …

Aaand… The only way to learn them is by getting your hands into the business, doing stuff… actually doing stuff.. in your business, experimenting, learning, implementing, correcting, facing downfalls,dealing with setbacks etc…

All those  take time… and through that, you will learn what is necessary to be successful in business…. By that time, you would have reached retirement age, and your business would be soaring, and you wouldn’t have monetary problems.

If you just be an employee, you will suffer by the time you’re in retirement. If you only start learning to be a business owner at retirement, where will you be getting your income from during your learning period?

How old would your children be?
Would they be financially stable by then?
Would they have a house to pay for?
Would they have their own babies to pay for?
Would they have school going children to support?
Or would they still be in college?
Imagine you’re retired, your kids are still in college, you have to pay for their education and you’re not getting any income… then you wanna start your own business to make some income.

But in the business world, it’s unlike the employees’ world.

Where if you’re gonna be an employee:
1) you don’t have money
2) you go for interview
3) if you’re hired
4) you last for 1 month , and
5) you get a pay cheque

If you’re gonna be a business owner, you need to come up with capital, spend the capital, get more money to top up your capital, since you miscalculated , since you”ve never been in business before, and then you finally open shop.

By then, some time has passed, your house bills are waiting, your children’s college bills are waiting, and you haven’t even had your first customer yet…

Use your imagination… i dont have to draw out the whole picture in minor details…. you just imagine the multiple possible scenarios.

Get into business NOW.

Mind your own business NOW. Even if it’s part time, do it NOW … and keep doing business, part time or full time for the rest of your life… even if you keep staying in a job, always have an ongoing business at the side…

Because the on going business is teaching you… you’re learning skills that cannot be taught else where…. Attitude is something so intricate that cannot be taught… It can only be learned via experience.

I can’t stress this enough : Get into business now.

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