Fine Example : Why you should get on blogging

Check out this blog called . Take a look at it and you’ll notice that the only thing it really sells are e-book + audio that educates people  on How A Man should Style Himself . Other than that, there is an advertisement by something called The Hanger Project,  and another advertisement selling colourful socks. I assume  those are advertisement placements by other ‘companies’ and the only thing that Antonio (blog owner) is really selling is his Man’s Guide To Style.

I bet he makes lots of $$$ from the sales of his audio/ebook. Because visitors to his blog can tell that he has become an industry expert in what he’s doing, and are very likely to purchase his product.

Why, well because he provides a Wealth of knowledge. Knowledge that would be helpful to people and articles that has viral capabilities.

Actually, that’s how I found out about this blog. An article from the blog has been shared around my facebook for the past 3 days.  I just had to click it out of curiosity.  Other that being curious as to why this mens style thinggie is being shared so many times, there was also an image that drew me to place my cursor on it and click.

Here is the image :

Fitting a mans suit

When people share these stuff, it draws audiences to your blog, and then when they’re on your blog, the would go through your blog to find more interesting articles that you have, posted up. They will also then buy your stuff… In Antonios case, it’s his guide book.

Figure out what you’re good at …  Or better still, figure out what you CAN  become good at.

Whether it’s making jams, making cool hairbands, sewing puppets, beaded jewelry, caring for puppies/kittens/birds/hamsters, Anything that you are already interested in… specialize  in that, turn that into a niche. Do lots of experiments, do lots of research.; and in a short time, you will become an industry expert. Then make an e-book about that or an audio, or make a few videos on that and sell it online.

Create a blog to draw in audiences (traffic), collect a list of people who are interested (leads) and sell it to them or their friends (customers).

You only spend your energy once; doing research and making those eGuides. Once it’s done, it sells automatically online (pillow money). It sells internationally, to people from different time zones, And best of all, it sells while you’re sleeping, while you’re on holiday, while you’re hospitalized, even while you’re taking a dump.

If you dont know how to go about doing all that, There’s an education course that I’m selling here. It’s a level by level course. And you don’t have to pay a big chunk of money to buy the whole package. Because it’s level by level,. you only buy the level you need, and then when you have graduated from that level, you buy in to the next level, and the next level, and the next. It affordable at only US$45 … good price eh ?

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