Tibet China: 33 days, 4 Malaysians, 15 Destinations. Amazing Time

“Oh realm of Shangri La, by the great creatures you were made but only through your mantras do you remain alive!”

This is a compilation my friend (GSC Gan) made, of videos & pictures we took when the 4 of us went on a month long backpacking trip to Tibet China. We spent 2 weeks in rural China, 1 week in Tibet and 1 week in Chang Du city.

Enjoy this video and I hope it inspires you to to visit Tibet, Yunan & Si Chuan , China.

We traveled in September 2012, and it took her almost 8 months to complete this video.

Since we came back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the 4 of us have been busy working, earning back the money we’d spent on our trip. And then, earning some more money so that we can go on our next adventure.

I havent decided where our next adventreous destination will be, but for now It seem like Awesomenest Fest in Bali is in the cards. A-Fest will be a learning and networking trip.

Then the next destination would most probably be Spain to attend a course (*hush hush*) and maybe, … just maybe, if i dont have to rush back, I’ll go visit Portugal.

Oh, who knows… surprises come every other day, and well, maybe an ah-ha moment will happen and suddenly I’ll know where i wanna have my next 1-month-long-adventure.

” The best adventures are on the road ” ~GSC Gan~


Here is a picture (above) of me, taken at the the Dalai Lama’s Summer palace. there were ducks swimming in the water but you can’t see them here.


This is a picture of the 4 of us. Taken right after our pee break. It was such a culture shock for us because this is one looooooooong straight road. There  were no buildings in sight, no other people around, no yaks, cows, sheep; not even tents. The only sight of civilization were the long straight tar road, the electrical poles, and a bridge (hidden behind the Toyota Land Cruiser). There were no other cars on the road except ours. And this is where all of us had to go pee pee… OMG !! @_@ !!

Tibet, the road in the middle of nowhere

White Yaks in single file

White Yaks (pronounced ‘yuck’) walking along side us, on their way to breakfast. They just know where to go, some 1km away, their owner is waiting with buckets of hay. Nobody is guiding them, yet they walk in a single file with equal gaps between them. In the background is the Holy Namtso (pronounced numb-moo-cho) Lake. It’s more than 4500 meters above sea level. The scenery is beautiful.

Tibetan Mastiff

This picture makes me miss Tibet the scenery is just so… … … The lake below is called Yamdrok Yumtso (pronounced yum-cho). That’s the Tibetan Mastiff dog. On the other end of the chain-leash is it’s handler who peddles photographs with the dog in exchange for money. The dog seemed pretty obedient and we noticed that the handler was soft spoken to it and never used harsh tones. Based on our experience with the Tibetans, we unanimously concluded that they’re gentle and soft-spoken people. We were impressed. The wind here was very very strong and most of the pictures we took came out blurry, heck, we couldn’t even stand still.

Walking with grazing goats

Watching grazing goats


More beautiful scenery here; big, BIG huge flat plain, surrounded by mountains, with hundreds of cows, black yaks sheep & goats dotting the landscape. I just wish there was a way we could’ve captured it on camera, but we either didn’t have the technology or the knowledge.

The air was so unbelievably fresh, this city gal has never ever ever smelt such fresh and invigorating air before, nor has she ever experienced that much physical space. The freedom I felt while here is indescribable.

The river running through here is a hot spring. So clear and so fresh, you could drink it… Although non of us did since there was an aggressive Japanese dude washing himself in it wearing nothing but his underwear.



Tibet Scenery

Tibet Plains

Tiger LOeaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge 2

The Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province, China. Backpacking is big with Chinese youth. A lot of them talk about exploring every inch of China and how much they love their country and want to know it better. The 4 of us Malaysians, made friends with one of these groups. It makes lodging, traveling & bargaining much easier as they speak in the local accent. If we speak, even if it’s in Mandarin, the locals can tell that we’re foreigners and would increase their price.

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake

The beautiful & romantic Lugu Lake. The middle of the lake is the boarder of Yunnan Province and Si Chuan Province. About 2,600 meters above sea level, and 50 sq km wide. There are bicycles, motor scooters and cars for rent that could take you around the lake and experience the scenery and China’s minority tribes. I recommend you do a google search on this lake and read about the unique Matriarchal Tribe; why it is referred to as “The Kingdom of Women”

Tibet China – I miss you so

Missing Tibet

To conclude, I didn’t think I would miss Tibet China as much as I do now.

I really really miss Tibet, it’s scenery the yaks and the gentle Tibetans.

Maybe soon, I would be able to return to Tibet.

I hope by then, the government of the Republic of China would have relaxed it’s rules & laws regarding their stance of Tibet.

Beautiful scent of Nyemo incense, oh how I miss thee.

Fresh air, strong winds and gorgeous lakes. I shall one day return.









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