It All Depends On What You Believe

Every once in a while,
No matter how far we’ve come,
We need a reminder
A refresher…

It All Depends On What You Believe



Now you’re in the present
You have left your past behind
And your future lies ahead of you

If you ask yourself
How your future will be,
You may easily answer:

I dont know,
I have no idea.
What i do know
Is what I dont want to happen

You will usually know
What you like and dislike
About your present

You will also realize
What you liked and dislike
About your past

But your uncertainty about your future may remain

We are thought all kinds of knowledge
But we are not thought to trust ourselvs.

Believeing in yourself
And knowing what you want
May be branded by many
as arrogance

It’s sad because the way to achieve your goals
Is to dream of what you want.
To put an expiration date
To your dream
And then work to achieve it.

It all depends on what you believe.

Be aware of some simple concepts, understand them and implement them

1) The Concept of Comfort Zone. (watch video for explanation)
2) Around your Comfort Zone is your Learning Zone
3) Beyond the Learning Zone is the Panic Zone … or the No-Experience Zone

Those with experience with these zones
Calls the third one
The Magic Zone 😀

The area which wonderful things can happen to you. 😀

Some people belief that the Magic Zone
Is a place where you cant turn back…
That your comfort zone disappears

This is completely false …
It is not true …
It is a myth !!

Leaving is to broaden your Comfort and Learning Zones.
Change does not mean to lose what you had.
Change means that you ADD to yourself.
Change is actually development.

It may seem
As being afraid of the unknown.
But it is actually
Being afraid to lose what you have or
Or lose who you are.

Next, consider the emotional tension
And the creative tension.

They operate as 2 opposing forces.
The emotional tension pulling you into your comfort zone and
The creative tension, making you move outwards.

To move forward, you need to get your
motivation to be victorious against your fears.

You have to work on your fears.
fear of ridicule, fear of what others would say, fear of failure, fear of shame etc etc etc
You have to recognize them and deal with with them.

Wondering how you can do it?

Believe in your self
You are the star of your own life.
Whatever you dont decide,
Others will decide for you.

By properly managing your fears,
Your self esteem will grow.

And this will give you
A new opportunity filled, vision of reality

You then be able to better choose your objective.

To have a clear idea of your dream

To find a WHAT that motivates you.

Afterwards you compare your point of departure with your destination.
And you will feel as if it’s shrinking… it is Perfectly Alright.

you will become aware of what you need to learn.

It will be useful to recall your origins,
Your value,
Your principles…

And you will reflect on your mission in life.

To help keep your creative tension
and not to give in to your emotional tension.
You will want to think about your Personal Vision…
What is beyond that dream?
What do you want to reach your dream for?

Once you are clear with Your WHY, and Your WHAT FOR,

You will become confident
And you will be able to pursue your dream.

It will be time for you  to take action and leave behind your comfort zone.

You will experience the joy of learning to pursue your dreams

You may initially feel incompetent and vulnerable,
And you may think it’s risky.

It’s OK to feel n think like that…

You dont know every thing.
You’re not Superman,
You’re not God,
You are human after all.
You are learning.

Congratulations !! you are moving forward towards your dream

What you need to do, to regain and recover your sense of competence,
Is to return to your comfort zone…
For the personal resources that you
Certainly already have and that,
Being in a hurry to get ahead, you forgot to use.

Take whatever necessary, and be patient with your dream.
Confident in your goal.

Have your strategy well prepared.

Be persevering and positive.

And sooner than you think,
Your dream will come true.

Dare To Dream




It All Depends On What You Believe

Dare to dream and then ACT on it

Take ACTion and make it real

It All Depends On What You Believe

Make your dream a reality

Is what you’re doing now creating what you want in your future?

What is your dream?

Make money from home so that you can spend time with yor family?

Make money form home so that you can have more time with your parents?

Make money on the go so that you can take your family on more holidays?

make money on the go so that you can live anywhere in the world

make money on the go so that you can backpack the world and live “at large”
…for the next 5 years…

make money on the go so that you could spend 3 months in each city. in exotic cities and absorb the culture throughly.

make money on the go so that you can have personal friends in every country

It All Depends On What You Believe

having things tough now?

well then…

make money online so that you can pay for somebody’s medical bills

make money online so that you can can send youur kids to which ever university they want to go to

make money online so that you can buy your spouse any present they want

make money online so that you can get your parents a new house or new car

make money online so that if you have friends in trouble, you can come to their financial rescue. And… they wont even have to pay you back

It All Depends On What You Believe

so that you can feed the hungry, mass feeding, every day

so that you can rescue poor animals and wont have to worry about vet bills

so that when the next natural disaster strikes, you have the money to rebuilt homes, buy them warm clothes, give them food.

make money so that you can be the one to help others. so that you can DO something about a sorry situation. So that you can be the clean lotus in the muddy lake.

so that you can improve yourself, your family, your community, your country and your world..

So that you have one more way to be in contribution to the world around you.

what u doing now helping your future

Join me in my quest to improve my life
So that i can improve the next persons’s life
So that, that person can improve another person’s life.

There are many others like me, but this is my quest, and i want you to join me.

Join me, so that i can join you back, and we can work side by side…
One person at a time, we can make the world a better place.

I have had it with seeing pain, and not being able to do much about it.

I have had it with just telling other’s to share something.
I want to do more, than just forward a message.

I want to be able to step in and write a cheque
that will cover the medical bills.

I want to be able to fund a cause
that will build somethin so that someone
can have clean water…
Or a proper toilet, Or shoes to wear, Or crops to grow.

I want to be able to build a safe haven,
A shelter for all the strays to go and live their lives out.
With food and clean water everyday,

Where people can come and play with them.
Where they wont ever be at the verge of being put down, ever again.
Where the only one who can determine their death is
God and only God.

What is your dream?

What is your cause?

What resonates in your heart.

What shakes your heart and makes you feel alive again?

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