Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography

Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s Life Blueprint

How Arnold Schwarzenegger stuck to his plan, and how that behavior brought him success.

Arnold did whatever he had to do, so that he could reach his goal. Arnold overcame obstacles, and went against the grain.  Ignoring ridicule, achieving his goals. Never giving up.

Doing what he gotta do. Arnold Schwarzenegger was punished for chasing his dreams, but he stayed focused anyway. Giving credit to those who held him back.


Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s 6 Rules of Success

1) Trust Yourself : Spend time with myself, so that I can dig deep down and listen to my heart, and figure out “what makes me happy?” . Trust myself no matter what anyone else thinks.

2) Break the Rules : Not break the law, Break The Rules. It’s impossible to be a true maverick or a true original, if I’m too well behaved or if I don’t wanna break the rules. Arnold was convinced that he could do it. He ignored the naysayers. He got to work, practicing, taking lessons and working towards his goal.

3) Don’t be afraid to fail : Planning to fail . Failing forward . Be willing to fail . Maybe I can’t always win, but don’t be afraid of making decisions. I can’t allow the fear of failure paralyze me. Keep pushing forward.

4) Ignore to the naysayers : Love it when someone says “no one has ever done it before” because when I do it, I’ll be the first. Ignore the naysayers. Listen to my heart and say “Yes I can”. With breakdowns there will breakthroughs.

5) Work my butt off : I never want to fail because I didn’t work hard enough . Leave no stone unturned . It’s good to have fun in life, but remember, when you’re out there horsing around and partying till dawn; there’s always someone, at the same time, who’s hard at work and getting better and better.
Arnold Schwarzenegger sleeps 6 hours and has 18 hours to work. If you sleep 8 or 9 hours, his advice is “…well sleep faster.” – because when I have 18 hours, there’s a lot more that I can accomplish. I can’t climb the ladder of success with my hands in my pocket.

6) Give Back : Whatever path in my life that I take, I must always find ways to give back to my community, to my country, to my world. There are millions of people that need my help. Because helping someone is sooooo satisfying.

  • What is your favorite success story?

  • Do you have your own life rule?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step .

There could be many single steps in any direction. But, if you just stand still, you’ll never go anywhere. However, if you step forward, but keep making u-turns, you’re not gonna get very far.

There are more and more options available to mankind now (in the 21st century) compared to the limited choices our great-grandparents had. The thing is, the limitations now (in this era) are coming from within us.

The years go by as we dabble a little here, a little there. Or we are so afraid of making the wrong move that we never make any. Analysis paralysis.

What you need to do is just step forward; and then keep stepping forward, and forward, and forward, and forward.  Kinda like what Arnold Schwarzenegger did.

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